Beautiful. Private. Simple.


Simple, but powerful.

Creating notes is as simple as sending a text. Just start typing and press enter. No useless formatting or annoying menus.

Private and Secure.

Your notes are just that, yours. Jotify uses Apple's iCloud platform natively, so all of your data is private and inaccessible by myself or others. You will never have to make an account or have to worry about another company spamming your inbox.

Innovative Featues.

Modern Design

A beautiful user interface inspired by the last design trends in mobile development.


Quick, easy, simple. Just tap the icon and set a date.

Offline Support

Your notes are always accessible. Nothing should ever stop you from writing something down.

Dark Mode

Two distinct, gorgeous dark mode options allow for pure OLED blacks or a more subtle dark gray look.

Open Source

Completely open source, so you know exactly what is running on your device. Fork it on github.

Blazing fast

As any notes app should be. Never wait for notes to load again.

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Avaliable for iOS 13 and newer.

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